Montado products have over 40 years of worldwide history in the field of handbag and cork accessories.
Considering the environment and its protection, the Portuguese company has a number of
criteria for cork and its processing that make its products eco-friendly.
Cork and its unique properties – renewable and biodegradable – make a perfect result
combining their ecological character with the beauty and modern design.
Apart from handbags, Montado’s creations include wallets, shoes, and many other high-quality, stylish fashion accessories.
Additionally, a significant and growing part of the items that make up its collection are also Vegan-friendly – 100% free from any animal product

Montado, which inspired the company name, is an ecosystem made up of fragile cork oak forests that survive only in some parts of the Mediterranean, but above all in Portugal and Spain. The cork is the bark of this magnificent tree, classified as Portugal’s National Tree since 2011 and is legally protected.

Alexis Gessouras, who has years of experience in the field of shoes and accessories, immediately recognized the quality of construction and the benefits of Montado cork products.
His interest and personal research led him to collaborate with the pioneer Portuguese company.

Montado products have been in Greece since early 2019 and have managed to gain recognition within a short time.
Alexis Gesouras’ ambitions, however, are not limited to the good impression and love shown by the Greeks to Montado’s first steps in the domestic market.
His personal goal is to establish, increase recognition and raise public awareness through the creations of the Portuguese company whose main principle is the protection of the environment.